Sheneka Adams Took Her Popularity & Started A Business

A few years ago, model Sheneka Adams realized that she didn’t want to be in the hip-hop video scene forever and she wanted something that belonged to her. Long before Instagram was popping and the hair industry was over-saturated the S.Adams Collection was born. Through our interview Sheneka talks about being a business owner, personal growth and her company. Check it out below.

Can you describe what you do for a living in your own words?

I own a hair extensions company, that’s mainly what I do.

What were you doing before and how did you get to where you are now?

Before my hair extension company I modeled in music videos and a little acting. When I turned 24 I started my hair extension company because you can’t model forever, you have to have a back up plan because it’s a time limit on that, so that’s what I’m doing now.

Why did you decide to go into the hair industry and how did The S. Adams Collection come about?

I’ve always been into beauty and fashion and during those times I was wearing hair extensions and so many people loved my hair. Companies were providing me with free hair and I wasn’t getting paid for it and I was like I can do this myself, no shade! Having a hair extension company is harder than it looks and it’s still things I learn until this day that I never knew. I’m very fortunate enough to still be in business till this day, I’m at 3 and a half years right now.

How did your brand blow up and how does social media help your business make money?

I’ve had a social media following before Instagram and modeling helped people know who I am. People are always finding you and when you’re on the blogs and hanging with different celebrities it makes people interested in who you are. It’s not a formula to it because a variety of things make a brand so you have to stick to what works for you.

How did Simply Sheneka come about?

I get so many questions from makeup, hair, plastic surgery, etc. and I wanted to put it in all in one place. I’m not one of those women who doesn’t want to help others but it’s only something I do for fun, it’s a way for me to share my personal journey.

What do you love most about the hair business and what are some things you could live without?

I love the freedom of being my own boss and making my own hours. I love all aspects of it, it’s something that’s mine that I work on everyday. All industries are very competitive but as a business owner you have to put your foot down when it comes to different things. I’m in my own lane and I have a following that purchases from me so I don’t feel the need to be malicious about anything. Of course fraudulent activity sucks but it’s nothing you can really do about that; it’s just the risk you take with running an online business.

So what’s your take on scammers or people who claim they never receive their product just to get a refund? 

I wish people would stop scamming like I don’t walk into to someone’s establishment and buy things I can’t afford and try to scam to get my money back. With black businesses and hair extensions companies people already try to talk down on it and don’t have a level respect for it. No business is perfect and it’s definitely ways to handle things you don’t like with the product like reaching out to the owner but just lying and scamming isn’t cool.

Give us a few common mistakes you think new hair business owners make.

  • Not having a plan
  • Not doing the proper research
  • I wholesale and people want us to do the work for them and not do the work themselves

What do you think is a big misconception about you?

Coming from my modeling past and that world and being in the blogs for a lot of negative stuff, the masses easily believe what they read. At this point in my life I really don’t care about that anymore because I realize you can’t make everyone happy. You can cure cancer and someone’s still going to hate. Social media can be very hateful so if you aren’t supporting me I don’t care what you have to say. I don’t look for negativity, it finds me so I just rise above it and try to use my platform in a positive way.

I can tell so much growth with you, how did you get to this point in your life?

You shouldn’t beat yourself up for past mistakes, now that I’m around people that want me to do better and help me become better it makes life easier.

What tips do you have for young women entrepreneurs?

  • Don’t give up, there are plenty of times I didn’t want to do this because it becomes overwhelming especially with fraud. You have to promote the hell out of your brand. No matter where I’m at I’m promoting my brand. Women will walk up to me and ask about my hair and I’m like girl this is a wig! I’ll lift it up for them let them and let them touch it. If you aren’t putting 100% into your brand no one will support or believe in it.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?  

I just wanna give a little inspiration. I know a lot of my supporters know about my past but I want to show them that growth is possible and keeping positive people around you really changes things. Always remember who you are and never let people tell you otherwise. 

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