If you’re really behind on the times and you don’t already know: Pinterest is like Google, but for images. Meaning, it has a massive database of photos, articles, inspo and more. The app must have heard our cries, because they have a new feature for beauty images that makes finding products for users much easier.

“We’ve heard from pinners that it’s not always easy to find the most relevant ideas among the 8 billion beauty and hair pins on our site,” Pinterest reps said in an official announcement, according to Wired.

“That’s why we’re rolling out a way to customize your beauty search results by a skin tone range. As you search for makeup tutorials, hairstyles and more, you can select from four palettes to narrow your search. Each palette represents a range of skin tones,” Pinterest adds.

So, when you search items like “Fenty Lip Paint” you’re now able to pick a skin tone range to narrow your search. You then have a selection from four circles resembling pie charts that each contain four shade variations.

What’s also pretty dope about the new beauty search is that it not only won’t save your skin tone preferences, it will also have ranges of 16 skin tones opposed to race/ethnicity.pinte

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