With the black hair industry constantly making millions of dollars daily, Amazon found a way to get a piece of the pie.

In this new online Amazon Textures & Hues shop, you can shop by hair type, brands and product category. This means Amazon will now be selling hair extensions (wigs and bundles), and you can see hair tutorials on various styles.

You can shop by your hair type: relaxed, wavy, curly, coils and when you click on your type you’re able to choose from an array of vendors for shampoo/conditioner, styling tools, hair products, and so much more.

Don’t sleep on this move because this is low-key super major for the black beauty industry. Think of all the small businesses that have hair products, extensions and wigs that can potentially earn a bigger consumer base by selling on Amazon. Of course, if these small businesses are somehow overshadowed by Amazon’s bigger sellers, then it could be catastrophic.

Many people like Amazon because it’s such a huge business and that Amazon Prime shipping is damn near next-day delivery. People trust Amazon so they might lean more towards ordering their products through this new shop opposed to their regular small businesses.

Although you could already purchase products like Deva Curl, ORS and Cantu, all the products catered to black hair are in one place, which makes them easier to shop.

We know that Ali Express exists but the quality of their products are hit or miss and with them being overseas, it’s a risk anyway. So lets see how Amazon selling hair bundles and wigs will not only affect the consumer but the small black owned businesses who’ve been doing this for years as well.

If small brands are able to also sell their products on Amazon, this could be huge. If not, we will have to see if this new addition to the black hair industry is worth it.

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