Hair extensions come in many forms these days: clip ins, sew ins, the list goes on.

The newest trend is micro-link extensions and you can guarantee your stylist will be adding the technique to her services soon.

If you want to know all about this new method, don’t trip because I’ve consulted stylist Monet Bearden to get important questions about micro-link extensions answered.

What are micro-links and how do they work? 

“Micro-link extensions are beads that link the hair to the extensions. Each strand of [extension] hair has a link on it, and your stylist puts your hair through it and the link is clamped down to secure each extension. With the micro-link technique, one small strand of extensions and your real hair are linked together. So if you love to wear majority of your natural hair but don’t want to have to braid any of your hair up, this will be perfect for you.”

What are the benefits of micro-links? 

“The best part about this technique is the versatility. You can treat it as your real hair due to it not having any braids. It’s better than clip-ins because you can sleep in [the extensions] and it blends perfectly with your natural hair. You’re still able to maintain the health of your natural hair as well as it being completely flat and seamless. No one will be able to tell that you have extensions, no track no case. Micro-links are also super secure because of the technique of using the small rings followed by being clamped down. There is no glue used and as long as you have a professional install and remove your links, you won’t damage any hair follicles.”

What are some of the cons?

“A few cons [include] the long installation process. It takes about 2 hours to install because it’s being done strand by strand. This is a medium maintenance style and should be touched up every 5-8 weeks. It will be tight on the root for a few days which may be uncomfortable for most, but it doesn’t last long. If you have super fine hair your texture may be too soft and the links will easily slip out or won’t last as long as someone with a thicker texture.”


On average, how much does this technique cost? 

“Of course prices vary based on where you live and the stylist you book, but expect to spend around $350-500 every two months. Also, how much hair you want to add can determine the overall cost of this installation.”

How do I remove them? 

“You should leave this to your stylist but if you want to be cheap and do it yourself there is a tool from Sally’s you can purchase to take each link down with.”

What’s the upkeep? 

“Treat them like your natural hair. Wash them as you normally do your hair and make sure to consult your stylist anytime you need to have them remove and re-applied.”


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