Alonzo Arnold is the Atlanta-based hairstylist that has taken over the Atlanta hair scene. At only 27 years old, Alonzo has made his mark in the hair industry.

Alonzo specializes in making wigs, selling hair extensions, and much more. In my interview with Mr. Arnold, he discusses how he got his start in the hair industry, advice for hairstylists looking to grow their brand, and more gems of wisdom from his years in the industry. Check it out below.

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What made you join the hair industry?

Well I never had a clue about hair, never decided to do it. But I’ve always had an interest in doing hair. I would take my sister to the salon to get her hair done and would be fascinated with the way the stylist created these looks and trends. So I decided to join the hair industry not knowing NOTHING about it.

How long did it take you to perfect your craft?

Well it took a very long time. I am still learning since I’m kinda fresh in the game, but I would say about two years.

What was the hardest technique for you to learn and why?

Hmm, I would say the Marilyn Monroe Finger Waves, hahaha. I am left-handed and I hold certain objects awkward in my hands so it took me a while to learn the dry wave technique.”> Photo Courtesy of Alonzo Arnold’s Instagram

[/caption]Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

Well at the time, it was the only thing I thought of. I come from the BOTTOM, the hood. I wanted to see a change. I was tired of working for corporate companies making them all the money in return to only be barely making any myself. So it was the only thing I thought of doing, hair!

What advice do you have for hairstylist looking to grow their brand and popularity?

I would say, it takes money to make money. Get your business cards, pass them out, go to different networking events, women especially, make sure your hair is laid at all times, because you never know who you will run into. I think women have it easier because their hair is the first thing people look at when they’re conversing amongst others. Last thing is POST. Use your social media accounts the best you can. IT’S FREE!

What is your biggest motivation to reach your goals?

My family. At the time, myself, my mom, sister, dad, and cousins were living in a small three-bedroom house and I was tired of seeing the same thing day in and day out. So I had to make a change.

Where do you see yourself and your brand in the next few years?

This is a hard question because if you would have asked me five years ago what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have ever known to be a hairstylist and to be this far in a short amount of time. But I would definitely want to retire in the next five years and have multiple hair stores across the world.”> Photo Courtesy of Alonzo Arnold’s Instagram

Who is someone you

[/caption]Who is someone you’ve always admired or looked to for motivation/inspiration and why?

I have a lot of people who I look up to, but I look up to a stylist name @bkluvsme on Instagram. Her name is “TT”. She is an amazing mentor and stylist herself. She can create anything. She can take something and make it into her own look and is a hard working stylist like myself.

What do you like to do in your free time?

MAKE UNITS, haha. But seriously, go to the movies or the spa.

What do you love most about being a stylist?

I love that I can set my own pace and make as much money as I want to. I also love meeting new clients and listening to my clients vent to me. Lol it’s crazy some of the stories they tell me!

What is something your supporters don’t know about you?

Well, haha. I love weather. If it wasn’t for hair, I would have been a meteorologist.

What advice do you have to aspiring stylists?

When you make it big, because you will, DONT forget where you came from. A lot of people make it, or they think they made it, but they forget about the people who were there when they first started. Never forget, because I have seen for my own eyes where people have millions one day, and the next, it’s gone because they never remained humble.

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