Being a women of color, it can be damn near impossible to find your perfect foundation shade. We have to mix a light and a dark shade, use a bronzer to darken our skin, or settle for a BB cream.

With many companies limiting the shade options for black women to two to three shades, it can be stressful trying to remain on fleek. Check out my eight amazing foundations that are great for women of color.

9. MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid ($27)

This is most makeup artists’ go-to foundation. MAC is known for catering to all skin types and have very deep shades, it might suck if you’re in between shades because it sorta goes light brown, medium brown then dark, but for women who fit that, this is perfect.

8. Milani 2 in 1 Foundation ($10)

Here is another great drug store foundation that many makeup artist and enthusiast swear by. I do know this oxidizes so make sure to be aware of that when purchasing.

7. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62)

This is very pricey but worth it. This foundation has a smooth finish and a little definitely goes a long way. Many beauty bloggers of color use this foundation, so it won’t be hard to see some reviews and decide for yourself.

6. Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Powerless Foundation ($8)

Here is my absolute favorite drug store foundation. This foundation has so many shades for women of color and has an amazing finish. They also have a dewy version for those who doesn’t really do the matte look. I recommend everyone try this foundation.

5. Cover FX Power Play Foundation ($44)

With 40 shades & 2018 Redbook winner this brand is super brown-girl friendly and if you’re confused on your skin tone you can take a quiz on their website to help guide you (not sure how accurate it is but it can guide you in the right direction for sure).

4. NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation ($48)

When I say that no women of any color, any race, can go wrong with this product, I am not lying. It comes in 20 shades (their newest one comes in 33 but I haven’t tried it yet). This is my favorite ever, I’ve been using it consistently for the past two years, (my shade is New Guinea-medium dark with red undertones) and I recommend this to everyone I know.

3. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43)

Honestly, one of the best foundations out. You can’t go wrong with damn near anything from MUFE, but this foundation is a must have for women of color being that they have 40 shades. Whats great about this is that it works perfect on normal skin and you can pop into your local Sephora to get matched and check it out for yourself.

2. Too Faced- Jackie Aina ($39)

Too Faced has been cancelled af for their whack shade range but the good sis Auntie Jackie came through and saved them by adding 11 shades, specifically for brown-skin girls.

1. Fenty Beauty ($34)

Everyone knows Fenty Beauty came and shook shit up not because of their diverse shade ranges because other brands have had 30+ shades for years, but Rih’s marketing has been diverse from the start and it’s so refreshing. Believe it or not I haven’t copped her foundation, only lipsticks because I’m not into super drying foundations but I think I’m going to cop for the culture.






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